How do I Cancel My Car Insurance?

Terminate the car insurance
You can usually cancel your car insurance annually to the due date, the reasons for wanting to terminate your contract watching you and it is not necessary to have a specific reason for the termination. However, the termination without just cause shall be two months before the expiry date of your contract by registered mail with return receipt.

Implementation steps

Since the introduction of the Chatel law you can avoid the automatic renewal of your contract to the anniversary date. Most people do not know this birthday, the contracts were reconduis without their consent every year, insurers are not bothering to prevent the approach of that day and the law required them to do so.

Through this legislation insurers must inform you that date termination limit as the deadlines imposed on them (3 months to 15 days later than the anniversary date). They have an obligation to inform you of the possibility so that you do not renew your contracts expired on that date. If your insurer does not respect the time allotted to him you have a new time from 20 days to request termination of your contracts. If your insurer does not warn you then have the right to terminate your contract at any time without penalty.

Termination on the anniversary of your contracts is not the only option, you can in some cases established terminate your car insurance contracts at any time of year.
When selling your vehicle, your insurance is terminated on the day of the sale and the termination takes effect 10 days after the receipt of your letter of termination by the insurer. You will be refunded pro rata from the date of such sale.

In case of increase of your contributions if this increase is not due to a penalty. You then have the right to terminate your contract within a delay of 15 days from receipt of your schedule. The termination will be considered and effective one month after sending by mail your insurer.

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