How Do You Drink Cider?

Namely drinking cider

Sparkling and fresh cider is the perfect summer drink. Accompanied by pancakes or roasted chestnuts, it is also eaten in winter. But how do you drink cider? A few rules to follow to properly consume. And an idea of ​​cider based cocktail recipe.

Implementation steps

1. Fresh taste
The cider is consumed fresh, ie between 10 ° and 12 ° C. Store it in the refrigerator.

2. Which foods?
The cider is rather consumed with seafood or fish, or cheese.

3. Apple cider dessert
The sweet cider is reserved for dessert instead.

4. The rosé cider
There rosé cider, manufactured from red apples. It is more than the red fruity cider, and the ladies love it! Perry cider (made from pear) is another delicious alternative.

5. A cider-based aperitif
Here is an idea of ​​cider based aperitif. In a shaker, pour 4cl Cointreau 2cl sugar, lemon zest and 20cl of sweet cider. Mix well and serve fresh. It’s delicious, but in moderation!

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