How to Add iPhone Smileys on Android ?

iPhone emoticons are standard. Everyone loves them, even users of Android smartphones because they are more cute than those of Android. Is not it ? Know that Android users can now get the iPhone smileys on their smartphone, without resorting to Rootage! Read more …

1. Install the application
First, install the application “Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 3” by going to Google Play Store. The application is only compatible for mobile HTC and Samsung using Android 4.4 or more but rest assured, this application will work on other Android smartphones over time.

2. Change your policy
Now that the application is installed, navigate to your font setting page.

HTC, go to Settings> Display and gestural
Samsung, go to Settings> Display> Font

Now just select Emoji Font 3 and press “Done.” Consider that this policy will change slightly that of your system. It is barely visible and it is a kind of compromise to avoid having to rooter your phone.

3. Test the application
Now when you view the emoticons from your keyboard, you will notice the new type of iOS. It’ll just show your emotions! :);) 🙁 X-D

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