How to Finish The Leo Steel Video Game?

Leo Steel, this little arcade game popularized through the websites of free games, is one of the easiest games to play. A single key on your computer keyboard is required: the up arrow to blast the little Leo Steel. If you find that Mario Bross was vintage you seen nothing yet! Just download Adobe Flash on your computer to have everything you need to play! By cons, beware: it easily addictive and it certainly will put you into a ball of having to start all over again every time when you lose! Here are some tips to help you.

Implementation steps

To finish this game, you have to go through 30 different levels. Each time, the parties become more difficult and longer. The main trick: not to lose any ” life ” (the little hearts that Leo is on its way) unnecessarily as they will also be increasingly rare.
It is important to know what to expect. At levels 18 and 21 of the game, you will need a parachute and avoid obstacles in the air. These levels are particularly difficult! Each new game, you must adopt a different strategy to get there. Rely on the bar of the evolution of the lower left of your window.
This game is very old so keep in mind that if you have a ” Game over ” you will have to start all over again! Especially persevere. Avoid being impatient when you play: there is still a strategy that you can acquire by being attentive.

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