How to Hang a Hammock? Make Your Own

How to hang a hammock?

The hammock is synonymous with relaxation and rest will be your best place for pleasant naps. Pressed for your children and the return of the sun, so you buy in the store ran a hammock … But back home, problem. How to hang? Do you dig over the head: everything is explained here! Here’s how to hang a hammock.

What supplies are needed?
Hammock ,Screw ,Anchors, Rings or carabiners ,Rope, Drill

Implementation steps

1. Hang a hammock on the wall
You must buy specific hooks DIY store. Make sure that the hooks are suitable for the wall material and that it can hold a heavy load (about a hundred kilos). There are 2 types of materials: solid materials (concrete, solid brick, solid concrete blocks …) and hollow materials (bricks, plaster …)

After determining the type of wall material on which you install the attachment points of the hammock, check whether the material is friable (plasterboard, plasterboard) or not.

Then buy the appropriate equipment for the wall material: ask for this, consult your vendor. Once fitted with screws, plugs, rings or carabiners, drill the wall to fix the ankles and screws and finally the rings.

2. Hang a hammock from the ceiling
If the walls of the room in which you want to hang the hammock are too far apart, you can totally hang your hammock to the ceiling. Again, specific hooks will be required.

If the room is attic, or that the beams are exposed, you can use it as support.
See step 1 to fix the ceiling hooks or carabiners.

3. Hang a hammock between two trees
This is the traditional way! Check that the distance between the two shafts is sufficient by making the calculation as follows:

Height: The height of the attachment points must be half the size of the hammock in length.
Width: The distance between the two attachment points should be about 90% the size of the hammock, in length.

4. The type of node to hang a hammock
The type of knot to hang a hammock
Once found the right distance between your walls, ceiling or between two trees, hang your hammock with a lark’s head knot, very simple and very effective:

– Fold the rope 2 and wrap it around the support (trunk, ring or hook).
– Fry in the loop thus created the two ends of the rope and tighten.

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