How to Make a Less Noisy Air Conditioner?

Making quieter air conditioner

In summer the air conditioner is our best friend, however, one detail is often disturbing: the noise. To avoid sleepless nights caused by noise from your air conditioner, here are some helpful tips.

Vibration device can communicate to the window and make it vibrate in turn. The air conditioner on, press the hand on the frame of the window and on the glass. If the vibration exchange stamp in the first case, the stuck window with wood shims. In the second case, put tape between the glass and the frame or add putty.

If the noise changes when you press both hands on the grid, tighten the screws of the panel. If that fails, put thick tape to hold the panel against the device.

Unplug the unit: Lift the chassis and slide it half out of the box; chock it with a stool or stepladder to make it plumb. If it takes them all out of the window air conditioner to remove the chassis, ask for help. Turn the fan by hand. If it presents a distorted pay that strikes the condenser fins, straighten it. Stir the chassis; if the condenser coil of the rod hits the fan housing, a slide bearing between.


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