How to Play Ice Hockey? Equipments,Penalties,Rules and Details


We want to talk about the ice hockey because it’s an exciting game and full of stories. Whether for play or just watch it on TV on Saturday nights. We will discover the evolution of the game. This game is played on ice during the winter season from September to May.

The Origin

It is difficult to know when and where hockey was invented because, already the past centuries, there were worldwide people, especially children, who were playing games that were very similar to hockey. They were playing with sticks and stones. Later, these stones have been replaced by washers wood. The origin of the word “hockey” comes from the word “hook” (hook). But everyone agrees to make Canada the birthplace of ice hockey. The first hockey game was in 1837, but we can not prove it. The first part would be proven in December 1855 in Ontario and Halifax, among a group of soldiers. Gradually, as time passed, the game changed and turned into what we know today.

Steps of Hockey

Beginners (3 to 5 years)
The Pee-wees
The Bantams
The Midgets


To play hockey, the number one rule is safety. You will need:

  • On an ice rink outside or in an arena
  • Two nets
  • From a hockey stick
  • On a helmet and a grid
  • On guard shot
  • Elbow pads
  • Leggings
  • On shoulder
  • Gloves
  • Panties
  • On the jersey
  • Low
  • Shoes

The costs

If you want to be part of a hockey team, you must provide certain costs such as the purchase of equipment that can vary between 150 and 500 dollars and even more, every year, there are registration costs 150 to 200 dollars.

The advantages

The benefits of playing hockey is you are doing lots of exercises and it keeps us in shape. We have several hours of practice per week. We will play around the Acadian Peninsula and it makes us meet other kids our age. Often will eat at McDonald’s after a good party.

Play hockey brings a sense of responsibility and a lot of team spirit because to be a good team, you have to help each other among the players.

How the game is played

Unsurprisingly, it is to score goals by sending the puck into the opposing net.The team consists of a maximum of 22 players including 2 goaltenders.

There are six players on the ice:

  • the goalkeeper
  • the defense line consisting of 2 defenders
  • the attack line consisting of 3 attackers

Each team designates one captain and two assistants. They are recognizable by the “C” and “A” embroidered on the front of their jersey.

The contact

Some body checking is allowed. This is, above all, to hinder the opponent, make him lose the puck.

But some are illegal in hits such as:

Slashing: hit or try to hit a player with his stick.
Tripping: whether with the stick, foot, arm ….
Incorrect load, loads in the back, blows …


If the player has not complied with the rules, the referee whistles and sends the player to the penalty box. The player is not replaced on the ice. There are different kinds of penalties.

Minor penalties 2 penalty minutes
Major penalties: 5 minutes penalty
Penalties of méconduites 10 penalty minutes
The match penalties: Immediate deportation, when the player makes a serious mistake.

There offside blue line: when a player (skates) exceeds the opposing blue line before the puck.The referees are among 3. They are dressed in black pants, a striped shirt vertically (black and white).

Date that marked hockey

1855- The first hockey 1875- Creation of the wooden disc 1893- Creation by Lord Stanley (Governor General of Canada) of “Dominion Hockey Challenge Trophy” which will become the net torque Stanley 1900- Adoption goals for 1909- Creation Montreal Canadiens 1917- Creation of the National Hockey League (NHL) 1924- 1st participation in the Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix 1998- women’s hockey Admission to Nagano Olympics.

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