How to Play Minesweeper ? Minesweeper Tricks,Rules and Basic Principles

Minesweeper is a game of memory and reasoning more difficult than it looks, and one of the most popular Windows games. The objective is to discover the empty boxes avoiding mines.

Sounds easy, does not it?

Minesweeper: rules and basic principles

Discover the blanks avoiding mines. The faster you finish, the better your score.

Minesweeper offers a choice of three standard trays of increasing difficulty.

Newbie: 81 squares, 10 mines
Intermediate: 256 boxes, 40 mines
Expert: 480 boxes, 99 mines

You can also create a custom board by clicking the Options menu Party. Minesweeper supports trays with up to 720 squares and 668 mines.

How to play

The rules of Minesweeper are simple:

If you uncover a mine, the game ends.
If you find an empty box, you can continue playing.
If you find a number, it indicates the number of mines hidden in the eight squares that surround it; this information can help you determine which neighboring squares on which you can click without risk.

Tips and tricks

Mark the mines. If you think a cell contains a mine, click on the right mouse button. A flag appears on the box. (If in doubt, click again with the right button to make a question mark.)

Learn to recognize numerical combinations. If after three boxes indicate 2-3-2, it means that there are probably three mines aligned near this row. If a box indicates the number 8, this means that there is a mine in all the boxes that surround it.

Explore the unexplored areas. You’re not sure where then click? Try to clear the unexplored areas. It is better to click in the middle of squares that are not marked rather than in an area where you think there are mines.

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