How to Play Spider Solitaire ? The Rules of Spider Solitaire:

In this article we will see how to play solitaire Spider. This is a different version of the classic but nevertheless interesting solitaire that we know. First let’s look at the configuration of the game, then on how a game is played and what to do to complete it successfully.

The rules of spider solitaire:
Spider is played with two decks of 52 traditional cards, but without the jokers.
54 cards is spread over 10 columns to form the chart (4 left columns have 6 cards and 6 have the right 5) and forming a heel with the remaining 50 cards.

Explanations of the rules of the game Spider Solitaire

The first goal is to get rid of all the cards successfully without getting stuck in a situation where no cards can be moved. In the background you can try to get the highest score using a minimum displacement.

You can move a card:
– Either on an empty column
– Or on a card having rank immediately above whatever their color.
A map series of the same symbol on a higher-ranking card, for example: 2-3-4-5-6 heart on a senior card 7 (heart, diamonds, clubs or spades)

As soon as one has a following from ace to king of the same symbol, it is automatically removed from the game, so it’s very useful to continue the game.

In a situation where no cards can be moved, and under the condition that none of the columns is empty, we add a row of cards visible from the heel by clicking on one, until exhausted is 5x as possible .

During the game, you can also press the [H] button to get a hint for moving.

There are 3 levels of difficulty:
– Easy with only one type of symbol (pic)
– Intermediate with two types of symbol (heart and spade).
– Difficult with the four types of symbol.
You can see the statistics of your previous sections for each difficulty level.
Technical Guidance:
Have empty columns offers many opportunities as it moves annoying cards and hold the cards you need. Try very early to have one or two.
You also have the option to go back more. This comes in handy in the intermediate parts or difficult. Most difficult parts can not be completed because they are too complex. You can always explore all possibilities with this option.
Try searching for intermediate and difficult levels not mix colors, as long as possible and to reflect on the best positions with anticipation.

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