How to Play The Touhou ? Game Playing and Tricks

The Touhou Project is a series of manic shooter type video games (category shoot them up where the decor scrolls from top to bottom, the character can move freely on the screen and must avoid missiles while attacking enemies).
More and more known in Europe, this game featuring little girls with devastating fighting is a real phenomenon in Japan where millions of fans even creates an entirely devoted to this universe convention.
However, this game is of such great difficulty awful lot of new players get frustrated before actually enjoy. Here are some tips to successfully play a Touhou.

Implementation steps

There are three keys to play this game:
Let W pressed to shoot.
Press X to throw a bomb.
Let pressing Shift to switch to “focus mode”.

Never release the W button Even if you are not just below an enemy, your missiles have brought good enough and can still touch something. Some characters even have homing attacks.
Anyway, you never lose anything to shoot continuously.

Throwing a bomb not only to inflict heavy damage on opponents but also will remove all threats close to your character. So if you find yourself surrounded shots and have no way to run away, use a bomb will save your life.
You have three lives bombs, feel free to use because when you die, the remaining bombs you are lost.

The “focus mode” makes your character slower, which can be a handicap if you want whisked away at full speed from one end to the other of the screen but an advantage if you want to move carefully to avoid projectiles.
Also, your attack will be more accurate. You will reach easily the least distant enemies but do more damage to those nearby.
Finally, pressing this button will bring up the “hitbox” of your character. This is the exact area to avoid enemy attacks if you want to survive.

Some attacks of the enemies you’ll face are very impressive but not so complicated to counter if you know how to do it. Be observant and learn from your previous tests. Thus, you will know how to avoid most difficulties.

Bonuses can appear by destroying your enemies. Red increases your firepower and blue your score. Promote red until the “full power” mode, only then do you actually spend on the blues.

Have a high score is not just for show off: it can also grant you extra lives.
To collect a maximum score, climb to the top of the screen when you are in “full power”, you will attract to you all bonuses.
You also earn a big bonus points if you manage to damage an enemy sufficiently full special attack (spell card) without using a bomb or life.

The characters you can play as have characteristics and different types of attacks. Test them to find the one you’re most comfortable.

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