How to Protect Your Cat Against to The Dangers ?

What are the dangers for the cat ?

Your cat is far from calm. From a natural adventurer, he likes to explore your home and / or your garden, despite the many dangers that await him. Serious injury or death risk it. How to detect these dangers? What to do to protect your cat?

Implementation steps

1. What danger at home for my cat?
If secure it is, the house may represent a potential hazard to a young rambunctious kitten or cat a tad fighter, knowing that nearly all parts are fitted with windows or balconies. Go around the owner to evaluate possible dangers.

2. The windows and balconies
If you live in an apartment, your cat spends most of his time the nose to the window to watch the birds and licking their chops. On the hunter instinct, the cat may want to embellish his meal everyday.

It is therefore wise to provide entrebâilleurs window so your cat can not pass. We can also install small screens on the windows.

It is necessary to arrange your balcony with reeds for your four-legged friend can not pass through the bars.

3. In the kitchen
► stove and oven
In the kitchen, we find the oven and electrical plates or not. Your cat can burn the pads by putting his paws on a burning plate, the door of the burning oven, or playing with a pot of boiling water. At the end of your cooking, remember to put a pot of cold water on the plate. The caution when cooking.

► washing machine and dishwasher
The washing machine and the dishwasher are also household where the cat likes to nest, especially when you filed your fluffy sweaters washing. Before starting your machine, remember to check if your cat is not quietly nestled inside, doing his nap.

► Toxic Products
As young children, the cat tries to make mistakes or to care. Remember to store your household goods in your closet after use. It is the same for drugs. The kitten likes the sound of plastic when trying to catch them with his paw.

4. Toxic foods for cats
In the kitchen, there are also certain foods that can cause intestinal disorders and even death, depending on the dose ingested by your pet. Therefore, before giving him the end of your meal, make sure it contains no harmful food for your cat, for example: chocolate, garlic, onion, chives, potatoes, cabbage, turnips, mushrooms, avocado, nuts and seeds but also for stone fruits that contain cyanogenic glycoside named an agent who might poison your pet.

5. Other living rooms
► Furniture
Fearless and playful, the cat likes to jump on top of your furniture. Depending on the cabinet, and if it is unstable or lightweight (small shelf type), it can make them fall and be buried underneath. It can also break various objects and injury.

► Do not lock the cat in the cupboard!
The cabinet of your room where are stored all your sweaters, is also a very relaxing place for your cat. Check that it is not tucked inside when you close the door.

► Christmas Tree
During the Christmas holidays, your tree will also be an element of distraction for your feline. Stay cautious with garlands and small decorative items.

► Aquarium
If you have an aquarium, ensure that it is closed on the top to prevent your cat a bath together unwanted fish. He could drown.

► Electrical Wires
As for the electrical son, cats love to play with. It is therefore necessary to conceal them.

6. Indoor plants
In the living room or dining room, we can find houseplants to decorate the house. Be careful, some are harmful to the animals knowing that the cat can chew a few leaves have digestive disorders. This is the case of ficus, azalea, bamboo, jasmine, iris, tulip, yucca, lily of the valley. The list is not exhaustive.

7. The dangers outside
► The route
The first danger is the cat outside for the road.

► processionary caterpillars
Then come other disruptive elements such as armyworms can be found in pine forest edge, cedars and oaks. These caterpillars are terribly dangerous and move in procession (one behind the other). Their hair has a very stinging property. In case of contact, see your veterinarian emergency.

► Poisoning
Your cat may also hope to make a great feast with small voles, mice and small birds, but be careful that these are not poisoned prey.

► Predators and Hunters
The fox can also be a predator for a kitten. Avoid leaving a night out. In hunting season, do not let your cat out, some hunters could take it to the game.

► Perched Chat
If your cat remains perched atop a tree, and if his life is not in danger, it is not sure that firefighters are moving to make it back down.

We must therefore stay alert to many things because of your cat escapades will quickly turn into a nightmare for him but also for you.


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