How to Reduce The Income Tax? Declaration of Tax

Reducing income taxes

The income tax is a direct tax on the income of individuals or companies. This tax, which varies by income, is paid by half the French tax households and aims to reduce inequalities. Here are some ways to reduce the amount of tax on income. Declare best to pay less!

Implementation steps

1. Declare investments
Some investments are entitled to a tax reduction, including:
– Work in the principal residence;
– Investment in a company;
– Investing in a mutual fund for innovation (FIPI)
– Investment in a local investment funds (FIP);
– Investment in a resort.

2. Declare its payments on a retirement savings plan
Payments on a popular retirement savings plan may be deducted from taxable income.

3. Declare his professional trips
If you are often sent abroad by your employer, you can be spared from income tax on a large portion of your salary. There is no cost to the employer, but it must be anticipated by adjusting the employment contract.

4. Declare pensions
If you are undergoing divorce and your spouse (e) has already left the marital home, you are probably one of the case separate declaration of your income. You do not have to wait for the judge’s decision to deduct pensions for children. Similarly, maintenance payments to a parent in need may be deductible.

5. Declare his land revenue in the actual speed
The declaration of land revenue in the actual earnings may be more attractive than in the micro land even if the rent is less than 15,000 euros. Just as expenses (management fees and stewardship, work, insurance premiums, mortgage interest, property tax …) are greater than 30% to the amounts of rents.

6. Calculate its outstanding revenue by quotient system
If you have received exceptional income, you can apply the tax to be calculated according to the quotient system. For this, check the box Exceptional revenue. This will avoid excessive taxation. The tax starts by calculating the tax due without the exceptional income, and with a quarter of that revenue. He then quadruples difference and adds to the tax due without that income.

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