How to take your dog to the beach?

Taking your dog to the beach

The beach is for the dog and his owner a place of relaxation. Bullets, run and throw it in the water can play to launch. However, we must observe certain rules if you do not want the walk goes wrong in the end.

Implementation steps

1. Ensure that dogs are allowed
First, before you set foot on the beach with your dog, make sure this is allowed. Some beaches seem almost deserted effect, and you may feel that you are building one, but the town upon which the beach may deny access to your companion for many reasons. If you break this law, you are liable to a fine, even if you are shy person.

2. Insulate yourself
Once on the beach with your partner, be careful not to disturb anyone by letting your dog run around. Insulate -you in a remote corner of the beach to be quiet, or keep it on a leash. On the other hand, if he poops in the sand, remember to pick up his droppings.

3. Dog Food
Salt air drying the body, remember to leave your companion to a bowl and a bottle of water, so that they do drink regularly. If you decide to take a nap, plan an umbrella for him to put in the shade.

4. Do not force your dog
Do not force your dog to enter the water. In principle, the dogs go there spontaneously, to follow their master or pick up a thrown ball, but if you see that he is afraid, do not push to the otherwise water do panic.

5. After the beach, the toilet
Finally, when you return from the beach, it is advisable to wash your dog with warm, clear water, so as to remove the salt water and sand that have stuck to his skin. First pass it a good brush to remove dust, which will facilitate the rinsing with water. This precaution will save him the risk of skin dryness, which could result in injury.

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