Unlocking of Success in the game of Bioshock?

The success in Bioshock

We will focus on two hits in Bioshock: the “lucky winner” success and “irony” success. Feeling lucky? Well, why not try to unlock success “lucky winner”? Success “lucky winner” worth 10 points on the Xbox 360 and is awarded to the player who wins the jackpot with a slot machine game in the BioShock. Want to take your revenge on the manic Sander Cohen in BioShock? Get the secret success of irony will certainly do the trick. Unfortunately, it is not easy to acquire. If you take the wrong way, there will be dire consequences. Here’s the right way to do to unlock these achievements.

Implementation steps

1. Unlock the hit “Lucky Winner”
Enter the Fort Frolic level via bathysphere. You can restart the level if you missed the first time the realization using a bathysphere. Fort Frolic is the only level where you can find slot machines, take a little time while you are at that location to unlock the achievement.

► Find a slot machine that works.
There are two slots on your left just after the release of the bathysphere station, although there are many others on the level.

► Putting money in the slot machine
Put $ 10 in slot machine (by pressing the A button on your Xbox 360 controller). This will turn the dial. You will need to get the three symbols of dollars to unlock the achievement.
Place additional $ 10 until you get three dollar signs on the slot machine and you receive $ 250. This may take some time and sometimes requires a large amount of money, so be prepared.

► Check your statistics Xbox 360 and you will see that the ‘lucky winner’ success was unlocked. It is represented by a dollar sign.
2. Release the irony success
Locate Sander Cohen. It can be found admiring his masterpiece in the center of Fort Frolic after you have completed for him or in his apartment in Olympus Heights (however, you will attract disrupting his dancers, either by attacking, hitting their turntable or playing the piano).

► Kill Sander Cohen
Kill Sander Cohen in Fort Frolic either or later in Olympus Heights. Even if it is crazy, Cohen will not attack unless provoked. To kill him, you’ll have to attack it.

► Shoot her corpse
Photographing her corpse with your camera. Although it is not in a research group, you will be able to take a picture of him. This is why success is called “Irony”. Cohen did you take pictures of the corpses of his victims.

► Be ready to try again several times, especially if you are short of first aid kits. It is a powerful character so be prepared.
3. Check your stats
To verify the success “lucky winner” or success “Irony” was released, check your statistics Xbox 360:
• Success “lucky winner” is represented by a dollar sign.
• Success “irony” is represented by the head of Cohen with crosses instead of eyes.

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