Win Every Level in Mario 3D World

Nintendo has created multiple licenses, including the famous Mario license. This Italian plumber was a great success. Mario platform games include avoiding various traps set here and there and finish each level, losing as few lives as possible.

Implementation steps

1. Lose the level
Strange as it may sound, to easily win a level, you must lose. Indeed, Nintendo primarily targets the novice video game and offer them assistance soon. How to lose? Easy: fall into the nearest hole, or are you touched by an enemy enough times to lose your life. That said, you could very well try to win the level without having to waste more time!

2. Find the sheet …
After a number of deaths, a new object will appear in a box with a well-known Mario lovers format. This is a square box and yellow. It is at the very beginning of the level. Sauté your character just under the block as if you wanted to pick up the pieces, and then grab the sheet.

3. Have fun!
You have now recovered the invincibility leaf! Get hit by enemies, and they shall fall quickly. Some objects, such as spikes rollers, will not be a problem either! This object is a boon for beginners to Mario, but please note that you do not have to pick it up even if you lose a lot of lives!

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