Doing sport after 65 years

Fitness session for senior

As we age, we often tend to exercise less. However, keep in shape is very important for balance, flexibility and maintaining overall health. The training offered here is not designed to push the limits, but rather to successfully keep physically fit at age 65 and older. For people making a competitive sport, another program would be better suited. Always consult your doctor before starting a fitness program or before starting a new sport.

1. Warm up by walking
Start with a small step. Try to walk outside rather than on a treadmill. Do this for 5-15 minutes. This will allow your muscles to warm up.

2. Increase the pace
Thereafter, increase the pace a bit for just a little bit out of your comfort zone. Continue to walk for 3-7 minutes.

3. Take a break
Take a break for a minute. Stretch your ankles and wrists.

4. Lift weights
Do some exercise by lifting weights. Use heavy weights between 1 and 5 pounds depending on your level and your strength. The goal is not to build muscle but rather to work the muscles. Make as many moves as you like, but do not make more than ten repetitions.

5. Stretching arms
Do some stretching of the arms avoiding sudden movements.

6. Stretching the legs
Stretch your gently then slowly walk towards your home legs to complete your training.

7. Hydrate
Do not forget to drink water. It is important to stay hydrated throughout your workout. Always carry a bottle with you.

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