How to have an athletic body with the Body Bar?

The Body Bar is a group practice to strengthen the muscles and reshape the silhouette. It uses dumbbells to boost the physical condition of participants. It’s an ideal practice for those wishing to combine strength training and aerobics.

A session of Body Bar takes about forty five minutes to an hour. During this time, we spend up to 600 kcal. It becomes stronger and fitness has improved. The muscles are more toned and bones are denser. More interestingly, it is invaded by a delicious feeling of wellbeing after the session.

During a session of Body Bar, you learn to adopt good posture and acquire the balance of the body. From the outset, it must be well focused to understand the technique from the outset.
In terms of weight, so do not go too fast and increase gradually. Start with a reasonable weight and increase them only after six weeks.

The movements are produced in a fluid manner and not jerkily. Each year, we must focus on the muscles to work and ensure stabilize other body parts.

During a session of Body Bar, you learn to listen to your body. When it starts, it is quite normal to have sore muscles which must be located on both sides – parallel – the body. If this is not the case and if the pain does not go over the sessions, consult a practitioner.

To achieve results, we need to practice Body Bar two to three times per week (and no more). This practice is very physical, you have to allow time for the body to recover and rest. They can then practice this sport (or other sports) on a regular basis.

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