How to speed up your mobile web surfing?

Speed up your mobile web surfing

The internet including 3G is faster than 2G. Unfortunately, most of the old phone models in Javascript are not equipped; but we can still have a glimpse of this 3G, using some Java applications! If you have a 3G These tips are also valid for speeding up your mobile web surfing. faster surfing the internet from your mobile.

  1. Use the special mobile applications

Application We recommend using specially made for specific sites that give unparalleled speed. For example, the Facebook site has a Facebook Mobile application which is specially made for their site. This application is available from the Facebook mobile site:

  1. Surf through some browsers

To quickly navigate on a mobile 2G, here are the most popular and best performing browsers or browser for mobile devices. You must download them, with the normal browser on your mobile.

  1. Opera Mini

By far the best of all according to the users, Opera Mini allows you to surf faster on the web, with a best page view, save web pages for later viewing power, open multiple windows, and more still other gadgets. To download Opera Mini, this is the site:

  1. Bolt & iBrowser

There are still several other browsers such as “Bolt” and “iBrowser” that all run on Java, available at:

  1. Uc Web Browser

This is a web browser which is as powerful as Opera; it allows the files to be downloaded quickly and efficiently. It is worth mentioning that the pages displayed may not be as good compared to using Opera.However, its still fast and has several futures which help navigate quickly and comfortably. To download Uc Browser Web visit:

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